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If you didn’t already know, ARC stands for “Advance Review Copy.” During the publishing process, a limited number of ARCs are sent out to a select group of readers shortly before the release of a new book, in order to generate positive reviews on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, and various book review sites.

Here’s a fact that you probably already know: romance readers LOVE free books. Here’s another fact that you might not know: romance authors live-or-die by reviews (especially Amazon reviews) during a book’s first few days of sales. An ARC Team isn’t just a mutually beneficial relationship between readers and authors — it’s a match made in heaven.

If you like what you’ve already seen of Lucy Lachance’s work, we think you might also enjoy being a part of her ARC Team. The deal is simple. She’ll send you a free, digital version of her next novel shortly before release. You read it, then post a review on Amazon within one week. That’s it. Easy peasy. If you keep reviewing ’em, we’ll keep sending ’em.

So… you’ve read this far (probably because you’re awesome). Are you interested in joining Lucy Lachance’s team of awesome ARC reviewers?

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And that’s it, you superstar! You should start receiving free ARCs of Lucy Lachance’s upcoming releases soon. In the meantime, please read over the next couple paragraphs for a few more details about the ARC Team. If you have any questions at all, please shoot us a message at

As an ARC reviewer, you’re welcome to post reviews on whatever websites you like. However, since Amazon is by far the most helpful when it comes to boosting readership, Amazon is the one review that’s officially required from all ARC Team members. There’s no minimum length for reviews, although plenty of potential readers would love to hear your thoughts. Which scene did you like best? Was there something special about a character that helped you relate to her/his trials and triumphs? Were the sexytimes steamy enough to fog up your reading glasses? Basically, just post whatever thoughts come to mind, along with a rating.

ARC Team members are never required to leave a five-star rating; all we ask for is a fair, honest review. Obviously we prefer love to hate, however, and if an ARC really, really rubbed you the wrong way for some reason, please do consider sharing your thoughts with Lucy via email before bashing the book with a negative review. No promises, but some problems can be remedied in a book’s final editing pass, just before its official release.

Annnnnnd that’s about it. Thanks so much for your interest and support, and happy reading!